3:53 a.m.

Here’s one night,
Where the blue stars shine bright
Along with the moon light,
So I start wrapping myself tight
Looking upon with full of delight
Hoping you’re on my right,
Then came across our fight
Spent our argument overnight,
And now you’re no longer in my sight.

asper went well.

First time writing using this platform; I used to write a few in my previous blog.

So hello! Today is the 7th day of me having a short getaway from my foundation as I just finished it on the 2nd of May (a big yay!). I have no idea what to write so I will just go through the memories that remain in my mind.

on the first day, my heart was pounding – damn nervous because i was scared if i’m not able to make some friends or having a nightmare roommate (which it is). riding the train to UPM with my parents and three huge bags also my sleepy mind. i haven’t sleep the previous day, thinking what should i do or am i able to survive alone. all my friends went to different universities and far apart from me. i was sad but i know i could pass this.

all is well during the orientation week. fortunately, i made friends with my classmates and some random people who sat beside me whenever there’s an event. deep down in my heart, i was drowning wanting my secondary friends to be there beside me. i was frustrated and bored with my new friends on that moment because they are too good and innocent. also, i met my first crush in my new class (now i’ve moved on).

as time passes, my bad thoughts became temporary towards my new friends. actually, they are quite funny and love to laugh as loud as i am. on that particular moment, i started to know how to differentiate what type of personality between my classmates. i made new small circle of peeps and not to mention, i met some annoying foes. i started to open the gate to let new people come into my life. but still, i felt so lonely.

exams were difficult here. they were using the carry marks system and some said it was easy and some don’t agree with the statement. but, i did enjoyed my life when the exam was carried out during night. unfortunately, now the exam conducts during the day. apart from that, i went studying every day in the main library because it’s comfortable. the bus services in here are terrible like they don’t really follow the schedules of departure and arrival times. but it’s okay. i get used to it now.

i couldn’t thank enough but i’m grateful that the food court and the bus stop was just a stone’s throw from my college room. whenever i’m bored with the foods prepared, i would just go to the mall as it is also very near. i opened the windows and all i see were the volleyball court and the mall’s building.

also, i did found someone. he’s unique and adorable sometimes. i may saw him twice a month but i’m attracted to him.

lately, i did feel the connection between my close friends although some of them are fake. they did care about each others sometimes. it is hard to find true friends but if you have it, keep it and spread your limited loves to them.

i did have good memories here; some of them were bad but i know that i can’t do anything but to forget and forgive and learn from them. thank you asper 14 although i only knew a few peeps not the whole.